K for King

Worldwar II: B-24 crew in Belgium


This is a research in honor of ten crew members who came to fight a war far away from their home. After their crash in Belgium they each had their own story to tell, some of them helped the Belgian resistance, while others tried to make it back home.

Our research started in June 2004 when one of us moved to  a village called Spiere. He read a small text in a local paper about a crash that happened in 1944. Fascinated by this he started looking up information about the crew and aircraft. The research became bigger and bigger and even contacts were made oversees. Lt.-Col. George H. Kelling, Phd., is retired from the U.S. Army. In the past he was given a small piece of paper with only a few names on it. Without knowing what was happening in Belgium, he started his own research.

Today, a lot is going on in the research about the crew and the missing aircraft.

I want to thank all the relatives of the crew and resistance members for their help in this research.

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